Thursday, 22 January 2015

Its a Thuli Affair

I love seeing young black females doing it for themselves!
This young stunner aka Style Alert Thuli - well known for how she just makes vintage wear look all sorts of gorgeous is just one fashionista to keep an eye on.

When I'm on Instagram....its a given - I end up on her account just wishing that we could swap wardrobes for like forever lol!
Denim on denim ♥ #SportsLuxe

What I like mostly about her style is that....Its not about the label; its all about how you mix & match your clothes and how you wear them to suit your body type and style.

Sexy summer dresses

One day maybe when I'm in the city of Gold...I would love to 'chill' with this lady!
She definately looks like such a well rounded person & my first question would be
"How do you do it?"

I mean not only is she a fashionista....but also mother & an entrepreneur with such an amazing physique #Gawddamnnnn #Flawless

Well I sometimes struggle with the whole 'bloggsphere' with work & studies - I ain't superwoman but I try to make time for important things such as writing this post :)
Showing my appreciationg to young ladies that are doing it for themselves - empowering people like myself along the way not to give and just keep soldiering on!

Kim K inspired ensemble

The most awesome thing again about her is that she always looks good in anything she wears!
She knows what works for her body & how to pair items together!

That's like thee most basic thing in fashion.
You don't have to follow trends or anything but! Know your body type in order to wear clothing that not only looks good but fit you well!

I mean there's no point in wearing an expensive shirt that doesn't fit you well - just because you saw it trending on SA fashion Week.

Do your body justice & wear clothes that fit you well.

I mean we can't all rock crop tops.....I've accepted that a long time ago lol
(Not all of us have JLo abs haha)

oH and she rocks the Boyfriend Jeans trend so well!!!
On point!

lol she's my Style Crush!

I know you have your style crushes too, share yours by commenting 

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