Saturday, 3 June 2017

Nivea'd up for winter

Nivea Creams

Whenever the summery seasons breakaway to the cold seasons, my skin always gets so so dry especially my face.

So in Summer I wash my face with the Dove beauty cream bar soap followed by the Nivea Soft moisturizing cream. 

Dove beauty cream bar (image from Dove website)

I'm all for budget beauty buys (that work obviously) - and this pair works for my face really well, been using this skincare routine since varsity. My face doesn't dry out throughout the day and they both cost me less than R30 #MoneySaver

Rooibos Natural Plant Soap (image from Rooibos Extract website)

Since winter leaves my skin dry I've switched my Dove beauty cream bar for the African Extracts Rooibos Natural Plant Soap, I thereafter apply the thick Nivea Creme on my face. Normally I'd continue using the Nivea Soft moisturizing cream with a few drops of Justine Tissue Oil but to save money and to try out Rooibos skincare products (which I've been reading great reviews about) I opted for the inexpensive option of using the African Extracts Rooibos Natural Plant Soap.

Nivea products from Dischem

I'm always down for beauty/skincare product specials & after seeing the latest Dischem catalog (besides it was just after payday lol) I was on my way to grab the Nivea specials.

Safe to say, bye bye to dry skin and hello to soft, glowing skin this winter 😊
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