Friday, 26 May 2017

Clothing that works

EZ Dresses

Seeing the Ergo Zen garments and re-iterating the brand name to myself, the first thing that comes to mind is the triple C – Cool, Calm & Collected.

As cliché as it sounds but it’s true.

I then went on to consult my favorite, uncle Google to find out what Ergo means and what Zen means.
Ergo – therefore/hence & Zen – enlightenment by direct intuition  through mediation also having or showing qualities of calmness and an attitude of acceptance.

I haven’t had the pleasure of draping myself in one of their amazing garments – from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s all great reviews.

The brands clothes are very loose fitting, soft fabric and in neutral colors.

I like the fact that they took the ‘yogi’, ‘free spirit’ and ‘hipster’ clichéd look and made it look more appealing with the different styles (see images below).

EZ Shirt & Skirt
EZ Harem Jumpsuit
If I were to wear one of Ergo Zen’s garments, where would I wear it to and how would I style it?

I would wear it on my ‘me’ day (I have those monthly, where I disconnect from everyone and just be by myself and do what I like).

I love the below dress from the Ergo Zen collection – it’s called the Gye Nyamme Goddess dress. I would pair it with some leather sandals or a pair of brogues.
I like looking elegant (even though I’m grabbing a thick slice of chocolate cake with tea) so instead of a satchel bag I’d pair it with a medium sized handbag, oversized sunglasses and my braids up in a bun.

Gye Nyame Goddess Dress
Be sure to head on over to Baywest mall or shop their clothes online here (
Supporting local is super important… I’ll be sure to post my next purchase on the blog from the triple C brand J

Ergo Zen – Clothing that works.

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