Sunday, 21 May 2017

Vault Cosmetics

Jackie Mgido owner of Vault Cosmetics

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Vault Cosmetics brow class in Johannesburg (with my friend ).

That's me after my brows were threaded (not too painful - but just wish the experience lasted 5 seconds max.). Jackie's rule, no brows on fleek if your brows are not threaded before.

Everyone in the brow class watched from the master herself threading one of the class attendees - thereafter Jackie's assistants threaded all our brows.

Thereafter we all went back to our seats - on each seat there's: 
  1. A cosmetic mirror
  2. Vault Cosmetics Brow brushes (incl. brow liner pencil)
  3. Vault Cosmetics Concealer
  4. Paper (incl. pencil) with different types of brows and how to fill ones brows
  5. Tissue

Jackie then showed us how to fill our brows. Thereafter she instructed everyone to get a partner and your partner will do one of your brows and you will do one of their brows - it was so much fun!

She always circulated the class, checking if everyone is grasping the concept and assisted if you're going wrong (incl. her assistants).

She then asked us to wipe what our partners did on our brow and you individually now do both your brows. Boy-oh-boy I probably did mine more than 3 times.

I learnt a trick though; concealer is like an eraser especially to get the pointy part of ones brow, the concealer plays a huge role not forgetting the angle brushes - if you know how to use your angle brushes your brows will fleek most definitely.

So two key factors to brows: 
  1. Know how to use your angle brush when applying concealer 
  2. Always start at the end of your brows - to have the light to dark effect on your brows.

Jackie is one passionate individual - after the brow class she then had a pop up stall with all her products: Foundation, powders, concealer etc. anything and everything she has it all.

She gave me a gift, my very own Vault Cosmetics lipstain (it lasts and lasts and lasts on my lips - love it).

I obviously asked to take a few snaps with the gorgeous, successful entrepreneur. I mean she didn't give up on her dreams of having her own makeup products and she still hasn't stopped working as a makeup artist. She still keeps her ears on the ground in terms of makeup trends and what consumers like and don't like; what is so awesome about it all she and her makeup production team are so close and her products are aimed for lovely chocolate skin colors so no matter how dark you are there's a shade for you - Jackie has got you covered.

Do yourself some good and visit uncle Google and read up on her story. Amazing black woman from Zimbabwe, based in America. Also shop her products here.

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Instagram: thuliloves

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