Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Elizabeth Arden #ThuliBeautyTalk

I previously used the Nivea creme (blue container) on my face.
But ever since I used Elizabeth Arden's 8hr Cream
No turning back!

No offence to Nivea, I don't have any complains about it.
The creme is very convenient to purchase & super affordable.
That's why i love it.
And its thickness helped my face a lot. 
Because during season changes my face undergoes its own metamorphosis Lol :)
But know I'm loving Elizabeth Arden's 8hr Cream.
After washing (evening/morning) my face with their Exfoliator Cleanser I apply the cream.

Omg! The way it feels on my face!
So moist and oh-so-soft.
Leaving my skin looking extra gorgeous with that extra glow that I love so much!

I highly recommend these 2 products to everyone.
They're worth every Randela - I guarantee you wont regret it.

After using these products - I know I love checking myself out in the mirror. 
But now, when I wash my face I feel like a #EA Model for some reason - haha :)
The way i wash my face to when i apply the cream,
I do it in such a manner that I feel like I'm being recorded for a TV advert.

Yea I'm crazy like that sometimes. 
Ok, one more product.

I have the "Passion Fruit" - I apply it once and it can last like the afternoon.
It stays for long. You don't necessarily have to keep
on re-applying it *Bonus*

Love it to bits.
Always in my bag next to my Vaseline #Originality

'till my next update, let me love and leave you.
Stay Beautiful!

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