Friday, 22 August 2014

Style Crush #DeathByMicah

If I'm not stalking Bonang Matheba's instagram account I'm on her account 
until I run out of data lol :)
I am truly addicted to her style!

(I chose her monochrome outfits coz she takes the simple Black&White trend to another level)

Her fashion interpretation is just out of this world!

Just look at those's like she shops at her own stores that nobody can have access to!

One thing about her style I am totally obsessed with (besides her clothes) are her accessories. 
They're always on point.



"...accessories are an exclamation point of a woman's outfit" - Michael Kors

Her shoes. her bags. Her earrings. Her sunglasses. 
Every single detail in her outfits is just outrageously to die for!

The way she mixes and matches different items
is her strongest point.
What you think won't go together....she'll make it gel!

It probably doesn't even take her that long to choose something to wear.....she just oozes all sorts of sex appeal, style, trendy, very hip & happening, edgy every single funky adjective that you can think of to
describe her style (coz I've ran out lol) she is totally IT!

Bam Bam Boom Boom Pow Pow

I've said more than enough....if I don't post soon on the blog
Blame it on Micah Gianneli's instagram account haha :)

From my obsessive heart to yours
nothing but stylish love

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Instagram: thuliloves

Plz do comment, love hearing your stylish opinions....
not forgetting to follow the blog.


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