Monday, 4 August 2014


Been so MIA with the blog :(
But I'm back now...

My 21st Birthday party was on a typical moody PE weather day.
It was obviously windy - but the weather couldn't kill my vibe...sunny or not the party was definitely gonna happen. 
The time for the party to start was 17:00pm....funny thing is at that time i just finished doing the decor with my cousins. Everything was just not going according to schedule.
I was panicking. Nervous.Stressed. Happy. Excited.
I was just a bubble of mixed emotions.

Like past 5 my cousin and i went to get our make up done at Dior (Edgars).
Pamper time...always good every once in a while...even though you're running late for your own party :)
Theme: Glamour
Family Colors: Coral/Mint
Guests started arriving and thuliloves was nowhere to be found
(still at home getting ready)

Whilst still waiting on my arrival; my friends decided to have mini-photo shoot

Finally I arrived - on African Time (Like 2hrs later...bad I know)
But the reaction when i walked inside the venue
Everyone was on their feet singing happy birthday for me...I was in tears.
Had so much joy in my heart.
Everything was just right. Perfect. 
I didn't even care for the cold weather....but worried that I was ruining my make-up Lol
The day was truly unforgettable.
I enjoyed every single moment.
Touched by each and every speech
Truly thankful for each and everyones presence especially the fabulous gifts.
Photo time...

My outfit-courtesy of WIC
Tulle Skirt | Lace Top | Heels&Belt_YDE | Neckpiece _ Kline Accessories

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