Sunday, 12 April 2015

No filter day! Just me

Nothing beats a day where you just not doing anything and you're just taking selfie after selfie after selfie....yea that's what we do nowadays.
We're "selfying" away lol

No makeup. No filter. No style. No fashion.

Just me and my old (free) varsity big tshirts.

This is just my go to hairstyle.
I don't have to sit in a chair for hours like I normally do for braids & the best thing about this weave (Peruvian) is that I don't even have to manage it that much.

Fuss free.
I shampoo & condition it when I'm not lazy or have free time; and that's it.

Each morning before work, I just comb it with a wide toothed comb and tie it up and I'm gone.

Only when it's pretty girl rock time I'll take the time to blow dry it, curl or do whatever...

One awesome hair product though is the +OrganicRoot StimulatorSA hair mayonnaise.
It does wonders to the weave after shampooing it...also leaving it smelling and looking gorgeous.
Love it!
(great product for normal hair as well).

The +OrganicRoot StimulatorSA hair fertilizer range is thee best.
Back in high school when my hair was just doing its own thing and not cooperating with me 
(or maybe I just didn't know how to take care of it) - a bunch of hair just managed to vanish and I was left in a pickle to cover the missing pieces with the remaining hair.

Ok, maybe I'm exeggerating a little bit...but yes I did have some hair issues that caused me not to even be able to tie up my favourite pony hairstyle.
But after asking my mom to buy me the hair fertilizer from +OrganicRoot StimulatorSA my hair was back to normal in no time!

Well this post just left me feeling more lazy Lol...
Let me get back to my, I-don't-feel-like-doing-anything-day.

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