Sunday, 5 April 2015

Waaaaay Up I Feel Blessed!

"I've seen that everything, no matter how perfect,  has a limit, but Your commandment is boundless...." Psalm 119

Its Easter time & during this time I always look back at my past - my journey; to where I am now.

To Him be the glory!

I am truly thankful.
21 years old still alive & kicking....still going strong!

I am thankful for you.

You reading this blog post, taking your time popping in @thuliloves blog; it might not be much to some; but to me it means a great deal!

Thank you.

I've grown with this blog; when I started thuliloves - I confess I was a bit confused.

Sharing snippets of my life in posts - through the streets of Port Elizabeth (and wherever I may be).

(Do keep on reading *wink*)


May we grow old together stylishly :)

Happy Easter!

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