Sunday, 29 March 2015

Streets of PE with thuliloves

Out of my comfort zone.
People staring when they're passing by.....bit of a crowd here and there #shy
Those are the consequences of having a photshoot in Govan Mbeki (PE)
One of the most beautiful areas in Port Elizabeth....full of many heritage sights.

Statues of Queen Victoria, buildings that were built way back in 1853 - its full of culture.
Tourists love coming by to take snaps of the iconic buildings so that have a story to tell when they return home - so I thought why not have a photoshoot right in the middle of it all!
Best choice ever (besides all the stares).  

Jumpsuit _ Mr Price

Sunglasses _ Spitfire

Thank you for reading my blog & just staying with me through all my long breaks inbetween posts
(work tends to be very demanding #sigh).

I appreciate all the love 
Keep it coming :) :) :) :) :)

To bigger and better looking back but to a bigger & brighter future!

Love you...

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