Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kicks In, Boots Out

My favourite season is slowly creeping in, 
yes I'm a winter baby & yes I obviously looove winter!

All that layering, scarves, coats, switching it up between leggings or denims with oversized knits,   constant warm beverages 
(coffeeeeeeeeeeee (soup or tea for some) galore, boy i love me some caffeine) and everything boots; from knee high, ankle boots, studded boots, cut out boots the works 
(there's just so many designs to fit each and everyones stylish fetish).

Not that I'm a trend analyst or anything, but - sneakers are the "IN" thing!

Just my opinion - not that it matters; for what its worth though invest in a good pair of sneakers this Autumn/Winter season.

+Nike and +adidas are leading the pack when it comes to this trend.
Their sneaker designs aren't just focused on the sporty people no more,
people like you and me are considered too.

People that take fashion as their sport Lol....We are considered too! Hallelua...
So it is totally not weird to leave the house wearing your sneakers with a pair of jeans without people thinking you're weird because sneakers are meant for running!

Not anymore...
enough with my not so expert trend analysis talk.

Check out the images below (yea pictures speak volumes) that you can see for yourself that atleast one pair of sneakers is worthwhile this winter.

 can never go wrong with a pair of my favs - Converse.
These are die hard - they all come and go but Chuck taylors are here to stay...

They still rule!

A must own.

(from Instagram @zalando_official & from Google)
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