Sunday, 29 March 2015

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Does the camera love me?

Mhhhm would it be narcisstic if I said yes...Well I certainly love being in front of the camera.

Makeup (@ElizabethArden) _ @sethupoti | Jeans_ Mr Price | Shirt_ Urban Degree Clothing | Neckpice_ Street Vendors
I recently had a photo shoot with one of PE's finest photographers +Paul Wright 
He's truly the best.
Full of enthusiasm and passion for photography.
When a photographer is in the zone, full of energy - the model feeds off that energy & the images come out looking magnificently gorgeous.
That is Mr Wright for you.
Behind the lens, he's not  just a photographer but a stylist, location scout...basically an all rounder directing me to look this way, that way...
We did a very simple photoshoot.
Stret style.
Very blogger/model mode for me. I really enjoyed it.

I opted for a very chic yet simple look.
A pair of boyfriend jeans & a long length white shirt.

What makes this look pop are the accessories.

A Xhosa beaded neckpice, statement clutch (from YDE) and my best buy so far - pointy heels from Zara.

More pics will follow....

Location: Govan Mbeki (Port Elizabeth)

(Should you need a model and you reside in the friendly windy city,
do contact me by commenting below...)

Pearl earings from @highstyleco (find them on Instagram)
Keep shining; keep smiling!

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