Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Let (Zara) your heels do the talking

I love having a peek at what's "in" at Zara.


When it comes to Zara shoes and bags I'm a huge fan - even though I know what I have in my bank will never suffice so I just stick to ogling on their website lol
Its too painful to window shop!

So in Zara shoe trends...
Laced up heels are quite the fashion statement (as with the already trending blocked heels).

               Keep your outfit very simple if you own or recently bought a killer pair of heels.

Skinny jeans 
(they show off a great pair of heels best) 
A simple top 
(white T or denim shirt)

Depending on you, you can accessorise with a clutch/satchel purse and a blazer (sleeveless or leather biker jacket)

If you're a bit of a DIY stylista, this fringe/tassled heels trend is easily achievable.
(With patience and a nack for creativity lol)

They're very sexy - paired with white skinnies or boyfriend/cigarette pants results in a great simple outfit where your shoes are the main attraction.

                  (If you're like me and you're a fan of platform heels - check out their block heels!!!)

My favourite....
They're very boho-stylish-chic

Monochrome mule
Images courtesy of  Zara
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