Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Girl time!
Well I was never allowed to go out to slumber/pj parties (granny kid) forgive me; i'll do the whole girl talk here on thuliloves :)
When it comes to my skin; I always like to take extra care of it - that's the foundation right there!
So what I mean is if I have cracked lips and there's a Zara sale; its so obvious i'll prioritise and go to the Zara sale....duh!
I'm kidding - when it comes to skin products; I'm all for the affordable buys.
Good products that don't scratch my wallet too deep.

Justine Tissue Oil
This product I mainly using in Winter; as my skin tends to be dry especially my nose.

Neutrogena Face Wash
This is like a all-in-one; the whole 3 step face wash in one bottle.
I'm all for doing things efficiently and this does it for me; doesn't leave my skin dry - and it has this beautiful fresh lime rejuvinating smell that I so so love.
This face wash/mask is the best!
(I totally recommend)

Nivea Body Lotion
A few drops of my Justine Tissue oil with the Nivea body lotion and face cream; my skin conqueres winter! No doubt about that...
Leaves my skin oh-so-soft and glowing.
A must try if you've got problematic/dry skin during the cold season.
Revlon 24hrs Foundation & Rimmel london lip crayon
Before I bought the Revlon Foundation 24 hrs Foundation (colour: Caramel) I was using Elizabeth Arden .
I'm not going to bad mouth it - my skin never looked so gorgeous.
But the downside; I had to scartch a lil deeper in the thuliloves wallet.
As my mom says; beauty is expensive.
But my girl @Bonang_M is the face of Revlon and I must show some love; cherry on top its affordable, YAY!
(i'll post my Revlon Foundation selfies soon)

Essence nail polish found @Clicks
Me time is nail polish time.
The only time I've done gel/acrylic nails was probably 2 years ago.
They look beautiful and all but after a few then they don't look as nice; so I'd rather paint my own nails and switch 'em up in any colour I feel like.

I pair my nail polishes with the gel clear nail colour to give it the salon look :)

Zara fragrance
I got this perfume as a gift last year on my 21st Birthday and I just started using (only now).
It's very light, whimsical and feminine & its got that 80's spay typa thing (you can totally tell i'm out of depth when it comes to perfume - but it just smells goooooooooood)
Enough about beauty for now, next we'll perhaps look at some more thuliloves fashion.
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