Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Zoom Zoom

For my Birthday month (June) I spoiled myself with a pair of new wheels.

The way I said that made it seem so simple like I went into a car dealership, chose the car i want, went to the till, paid and just like that I had a car - well it wasn't that easy.


This is my new baby, Zoomy (named by her Godmother @misspoti)

Took way more than 9 months to conceive her.
Through all the sleepless nights at varsity.
Missing out on all the hottest parties.
Swallong the "NO" pill from my parents with all the silly ideas that I had/have about business ideas and switching courses at varsity - just because I couldn't take the heat.
And oh yes - putting books before boys (lol).
Oh! Yes...Prayer.
The root of it all.
Kneeling down, not every night but whenever and wherever I can
(even in the ladies room - God is everywhere).
Thorughout all the sacrifices and fasting;
Family and friends support...
Zoomy is now a month old :)
I still can't believe she's all mine.
Sometimes I wake up at night just to check her out, that's normal right...

I only went to 2 car dealerships and Mazda was the second.
I remember leaving the dealership; I didn't even take the test drive - I was sold!

After laying eyes on the latest Mazda 2 I was stunned and then the sales lady said:
"Its a cheetah ready to punce"
Signed. Sealed. It's mine....


The cheeky butt.
The fierce facial expression this baby has....oh my wed!!!
Do I need to say more.
The inside; fit for the modern day King and Queen.
Super comfortable.
And on the road; its a beast staying true to their "Driving Matters" slogan.
Fast. Economical. Safe. Stylish. Sexy.
Everything one can ask for.

Oh and if it so happens that you're looking to buy a car and it just so amazingly happens that you want a Mazda vehicle;
you can just throw my name in thereand be like
"I was reading Thulani Mkohli's blog and she wrote a post about her new Mazda 2..."
you can add your own sugar and spice
(not forgetting my name lol).


Nothing but crazy love for you reading this post...

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