Saturday, 29 August 2015

Bye Parka...

Its that time of the year where we say goodbye to one season and hello to another...
Yep! The year is going by so quickly (not that I'm complaining) it's already time for Spring.
Eish....I was still enjoying wearing anything that I pull out of my wardrobe and then just throwing on a Parka jacket ontop - doesn't matter what I wear; the Parka jacket will clean up the mess :) and cover it all up and i'll look proper and warm of course.

Parka Jacket _ Superbalist  | Jeans _ WOOLWORTHS SA  | Sneakers _ Jordans from Sportscene 

Decided to take a stroll at the beach...
with PE's undecided weather of course it was partly cloudy.
The weather didn't want to be just hot or just cold (as always) - so hence my
ensemble - I know you were like ''sneakers at the beach tho'' lol :)

Slowly but surely the sun is bound to come out and play and I can't wait to show some leg!
Haven't seen my legs in like forever.
At work I wear black pants and if I'm going out or anything I'm in jeans or stockings
(always covered up).
I'm my legs are way lighter now coz they've been hibernating haha :)
Soon i'll be joinng the gym. YAY!
I know they say "Summer bodies are made in winter" but I ain't about that life.
Gym for me is a lifestyle; a part of me that i'd like to make a routine (a great habit) to keep me healthy and my body toned.
It's never too late to start exercising/gyming/working-out.

Apologies for being MIA for such a long sometimes gets hectic.
Working shifts is no childs play - also trying to squeeze in study time, "me" time, bae time, family time, social (friends) time, church time....
Just imagine if there was a mini-me (child) involved; hectic.
Kudos to all the single mothers that are slaying all their duties and manage to raise awesome young ladies and gents like me and you!


my face when i beg for pics to be taken...
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