Saturday, 29 August 2015

I'm a Superstar |||

Ever since primary school it's always been Nike vs. Adidas in terms of leading sports (sneaker) brands...and according to me at least its still like that.

Globally, stylistas were singing Nike praises (incl. myself) - from babies that are a few months old; the Nike airmax was trending; then it was the Nike Roshe and then and then and then.... Adidas was like "hold up, hold up" and they pulled up a trick .

Re-introducing the Adidas Originals sneaker.
Pretty clever stunt...and now the scores are even
Nike vs. Adidas 
(Nike is not leading the pack alone - the competition is back & they're much fierce and bolder)

This is my first pair of Adidas sneakers #CoversEyes

Part of the @adidasza fam :)

Keeping things simple in white; so that I can have fun mixing and matching it with items in my wardrobe (dresses, shorts, jeans etc)

I don't regret my choice.
So much comfort and style.
Very versatile too.

Those are the 3 things I look for before buying something.

* Will I be able to wear it again with other items or it just going to restrict me into wearing it with jeans only/
* Can i wear it from day to night (versatility)
* Can I wear it the whole day or will will i suffer (discomfort)

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