Tuesday, 6 December 2016

PC's that Pose

I know, I know, I know I should've been on the wagon a long time ago with regards to posting about the latest craze in the world of technology; 2-in-1 PC's (Tablet + PC). 
Lenovo, Acer, Dell have managed to cash-in on this Yoga PC trend and they're quite a must have I must say.

I'm such a Apple fan, but right about now Windows is giving Apple a run for their money. The Yoga PC's are just too nice. I mean it's like a digital diary - you can flip it and start scribbling with your finger (or digital pen) and just do your thing! That easy.

The one I'm featuring is the Lenovo Yoga 900 

It boasts quite some impeccable features such as the below:
  • World’s thinnest* Intel® Core™ i convertible
  • Elegant, durable watchband hinge
  • Doubled RAM, 50-percent higher-capacity battery
  • Highly adaptable, with four usage modes
  • Brilliant 13.3" QHD+ display with IPS
*Based on a review of the major OEM websites on the 9th October 2015

for more features visit the Lenovo site
I just love how flexible this PC is. Whether you're on the move or desk bound it accommodates your everyday lifestyle.

I am going to start saving up for one - it's such a cool gadget to have. Most probably by the time I'm done saving up for it Apple would've released one of their own (on a much higher price, meaning more saving for me ☺ #justgreat)

images from Google & Lenovo website.

They come is various colours to suit your taste/personality (more features)

  • Yoga 900 13" (MultiTouch) - Platinum Silver. ...
  • Yoga 900 13" (MultiTouch) - Clementine Orange. ...
  • Yoga 900 13" (MultiTouch) - Champagne Gold. ...
  • Yoga 900 13" (MultiTouch) - Platinum Silver. ...
  • Yoga 900 13" (MultiTouch) - Clementine Orange. ...
  • Yoga 900 13" (MultiTouch) - Platinum Silver. ...
  • Yoga 900 13" (MultiTouch) - Clementine Orange.

If you've experienced the greatness of these flexible 2-in-1 PC's do comment below and let me know your experiences , what you like and don't like - want to hear you thoughts thulilovers!
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