Friday, 3 March 2017

Smart driving

I won't get too technical but this car is super quaint and compact... perfect for bachelors and if you're looking for a car just to get around town (first car owner) and you're also under a strict budget. Look no further!

Apologies for not including myself beautiful 😝 self in the images and also not taking snaps of the interior (please see below images from the SmartForFour website).

I am a lover of cars, pity I can't afford all the cars I like otherwise I'd have a car for each day of the week.

For me this would ideally be my Monday car. Why? Well because Mondays I like to get around as quickly as possible, not because of speed but traffic tends to get hectic on Monday mornings and this car is perfect for getting around town and squeezing into tight spots because of its size - its very easy to maneuver.
Proxy SmartForFour

The SmartForFour comes in 3 different models:
  • Passion
  • Prime
  • Proxy
Standard design

There I was on my first blog car review... was so excited (I think that's why I didn't take as many snaps as I should've). Smooth drive and easy turning of the steering wheel (still new at car reviews don't mind me describing the smallest details in my drive). 

  • The interior is very simple yet very hip it's got all the basics I like, such as playing music via my phone and buttons on the steering wheel (really make things simpler while driving).

  • For safety it has the "tridion safety cell" - this is a "shell" around the car that should any collision or any kind of impact to the car occur the safety cell stays clear of any damage (parents will probably love this feature for their children's cars).

See below some images (from the Smart website) of the the Proxy model

A major feature I love about the car is that it is super low, I mean very low on fuel: 4.7 - 4.2 l/100km that is awesome. Your full tank is aught to last longer! (despite the ever spiking fuel increases in SA).

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