Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Local is lekker cuties

I don't biologically have my own mini me... but I am surrounded by beautiful children each and every day.

YouTube is one hit sensation, just today I was told that it has 1 billion views each day. Imagine the worlds population is approx. 7 billion and YouTube occupies at least a billion people’s attention (whatever your calculations are, I ain’t a mathematician – but that is still a great “Did you know?” statement).

Depending on the amount of following and viewers you have many people worldwide make living out of YouTube; that is amazing. You don’t even need to leave the house you just do what you love doing and simply record yourself doing that, people watch your videos and you earn some cash in the process.

Well I'm not into videos but I love to watch them every once in a while, they're quite entertaining and funny; it's a bonus if I am helping someone earn some extra cash (we all need some 2nd income one way or another) 😊.

The above video is a clip of a cute baby jamming to rock and roll music... super cute and amazing dance moves for her age I must say 😝 go on and watch and laugh a little life's really short to be serious all the time, so cliche but watch and you can also share your favourite videos below...

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