Sunday, 12 February 2017

Natural hairstyles

Cornrows up style 

I love braids and cornrows but lately I've been a bit obsessed with cornrows... DarlingHairstyle does wonders and my hairstylist loves using it!

Cornrows (straightback or up-style) they take half the time to do and there's no styling involved in the mornings - which saves so much time!

This hairstyle is super perfect for work and school - it's very neat & tidy.

  Downside for me when it comes to cornrows their life span is much shorter than braids. Also when it comes to my hair the itching starts to get too much and then I just take them off.

Head and shoulders instant relief spray

To make them last a bit longer than 2 weeks and relieve myself from the constant itch I bought the Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff instant relief spray. It's only been a day since I've had it and I will share my thoughts about the product this weekend.

When I take the cornrows off I'm going to try the Head and shoulders anti-dandruff treatment hopefully it does wonders because I love having different hairstyles and it's quite annoying to take them off soon due to dandruff and itchy scalp.

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