Monday, 3 April 2017

Romantic flowery smells

Oh-So-Heavenly Body Spritzer
Just a mini-review: Body Spritzer.

I normally purchase deodorant sprays, thought I should give spritzers a try.

I bought the Oh-So-Heavenly Body Spritzer in Lily Lovely. It smells really lovely and whats more lovelier is the price, only R23.

The smell does not last as long as a perfume but this is a great budget buy - value for money, especially if you're not looking to splurge on a fragrance.

This body spritzer is worth the price. If you want the smell to last longer though, you have to spray it a couple of time during the day - I spray it in the morning and around lunch time just so that the smell lingers for longer. 

I'm obsessed with the Oh-So-Heavenly range... everything of theirs is well priced, so affordable and they just do my skin justice!

For affordable toiletries definitely go for the Oh-So-Heavenly range!
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