Thursday, 10 December 2015


I finally had time to escape from the day and night shifts at work... for 2 weeks!

Didn't delay, the following day I took a flight to the beautiful mother city - Cape Town.
A much deserved break.
The year 2015 went by super fast; not that I'm complaining though.

I spent most of the time eating while I was in Cape Town. The variety is amazing; catering for everyone. What I like is that, food places are always (almost) next to one another... so make sure you have your card ready to swipe swipe and swipe some more.

You buy home made chocolate in one place, the next has amazing nuts coated in all things sweet, sour, spicy and anything you can think of - you taste it and you're sold.

You thirsty, look no further - there;s Craft beer to quench your thirst.

Time for some pretty odd picture taking next to the great South African veterans.

The amazing shops to turn your home/apartment around or if you're like me still living under dads strict "no going out" rules this store has amazing arts and craft pieces to turn your bedroom around into that bachelor apartment you constantly day dream about.

I loved this Samsung  pop up store. Showcasing the Samsung galaxy range with musical influences and also the Galaxy S2 watch. It was a pretty cool experience. Got to mix some pretty cool beats on the drums and keyboard all done on the Samsung Galaxy phone. That's me listening to my not so nice mixology lol!

My first Bubble Tea !
mhhhhhhhhhm pretty awesome, was excited to drink up the bubbles - they're also flavored and taste funny once you pop them in your mouth. It's an amazing type of beverage; very different and unique.
I love it. 

I just could not visit Cape town and not spoil myself a little; nothing fancy - just a few dresses which i'll post on the blog soon.

This store is Mr Price on steroids. Two floors full of gorgeous male and female apparel. Day wear, active wear, night time dresses and suits and to top it all off they have a section for your home too (bedroom for us daddy's girls). And the best part it is not expensive.

Budget shopping made more stylish!

this is where my friends fiance popped the big question... how romantic

The following images are just me being me, thuliloves and also trying to flex a bit because my iPhone6 S rocks!!!!!!!

Finally I'm part of the Apple family - long overdue I know. So excuse me for documenting my trip with some awesome images taken by myself or if i'm in the image its courtesy of my friends.

Couldn't end the trip without some spicy wings from Chicken Licken

My love (Babalwa, my gorgeous cousin)  just before i departed for the Windy City, port Elizabeth.
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