Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Sunny City. Windy City. My PE

December one of the most sought after months

Guess what... all the items I'm wearing in this picture are more than a year old.

This maxi dress I got from my older cousin and she had it for like a year or so (perhaps even more; I can't remember). Well what I'm trying to convey is that taking good care of your clothing goes a long way - buying quality clothing also helps to (as the clothing lasts longer).

Take care of your clothing the same way you take care of your body - in the long run it saves you cash #BudgestSistaVibes. 

Another thing... with "re-cycling" your clothing you don't have to spend so much cash on buying new clothing; you can just switch it up a little.
If you normally wear your maxi dress with white converse, match it up with gladiator sandals to give it that extra oomph and vibe it up a little with a chunky neck piece - Who'll know that your dress is donkey years old? Nobody...

Me and my booboo at the beach - girls day!

Head wrap _ Tom tailor | Dress _ Urban degree | Denim Shirt _  Forever new | Sandals _ Zara

All we seem to do is spend, spend, spend and spend some more on things that we don't even really need during the month of December.

Perhaps we should learn from our mistakes so that when the most not wanted month (January) approaches we're alright; financially, spiritually (emotionally) and physically.

Let's not drain ourselves and become bankrupt in just 31 days...  Let's have fun and enjoy ourselves and remember to be always safe in whatever we may be doing.

Nothing but love for you all my thulilovers.
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