Friday, 10 June 2016

Dare it nude


I'm a huge fan of nail polishes not so much of a mani/pedi type of girl. I'm even more of a huge fan if the brand is super affordable and the colours look so so pretty and it lasts longer than 2 days without chipping. The go to brand is Essence Cosmetics (I shop for my beauty products at Clicks).

Dare it nude colour

You're probably wondering... and the steering wheel?
Well when my nails chip and I notice when I'm at work or something, I repair them in the car (I dislike chipped nails very very much) - but with this nude nail colour, the way i love it, I want it on my nails for as long as possible. Whether I replenish it in the car or not so be it - it's my ultimate favourite.

Purchased from Clicks

Another thing with me when it comes to nail polishes, I don't go with trends. If I feel like painting my nails in yellow in winter, so what - I do it. Just like with my style, there aren't any restrictions. I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable in.

Do try out the Essence brand cosmetics products (available at Clicks and Dischem stores)... also share with me your awesome experience.

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