Friday, 10 June 2016

Just do it.

Every time I think of doing something I always come up with a million excuses or I overthink my overthinking (read somewhere all Gemini's are like that)... and it's super annoying because I know want to do it but I just don't because all the excuses get the better of me and I end up feeling like crap...

The perks of living and working by the beach are that you can take a jog after work soaking in all that sea breeze and seeing the sunset (if you're lucky it doesn't get too windy)... it's too beautiful and I'm unable to resist.

Essence cosmetics nail polish "true love" colour

So I always my pack my gym gear in the boot just in case I feel like taking a walk or just jogging. Of course I do get lazy (many times) but as  long as I get in some exercise (whenever that is) I'm happy.

These sneakers are so light and comfortable... best running shoes.
I sometimes do dress them up and style them - I get the best of both worlds with these Nike sneakers.
I'm keen for anything that can be worn over and over in many different ways - I like that very much; it allows me to keep re-inventing my outfits and also saves me cash because I don't constantly have to buy clothing items on a daily.

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