Sunday, 10 July 2016

Nail things

Essence Cosmetics

I love, love, love doing my nails. It's sort of "me-time" and I'm all for the subtle, undertone colors using inexpensive brands of course #budgetsista.

Essence Cosmetics nail polish in "Hope for Love"
As a girl on the move and you have a chipped nail or two... I always keep my (current) nail color/polish in my bag because there's nothing I hate more than chipped nail polish - I just can't stand it.

So I quickly replenish my nails before I dash out - I'm a bit crazy with good looking/well taken care of hands.

Colours nail polish from Foschini Cosmetics 
I know it's annoying to do your nails every 3-4 days because it's coming off and what not; but I honestly don't mind it.

I like that I can switch up nail colors whenever I want to and it helps buying good affordable products (such as these featured on this post) makes the process quite awesome.

Essence Cosmetics nail polish in "Dare it nude"

The "Dare it nude" colour is my favorite. It's super clean, elegant and very neat for work especially.

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