Saturday, 16 July 2016

Essence makeup

Make up courtesy of Essence Cosmetics
I have never received any goodies from any brand before so you can understand my excitement when I got home to a golden box from Essence cosmetics

from the #loveyourshade new makeup range
Essence cosmetics has launched a new range for the darker shaded makeup users... all the chocolate colored skins can now explore this amazing range at Dischem or Clicks across the country.

Essence cosmetics eyebrow kit
As you might now if you follow the blog, I'm not a makeup guru. The Essence cosmetics brow kit is my best friend when doing my brows, I can't live without it.

It's very basic. There's 3 different stencils inside the kit, you can then pick which one you's like to use (depending on the shape you'd like for your brows).

1.  Small Brow
2. Medium Brow
3. High brow

I go for the Medium brow because it's very natural and not that dramatic. Thereafter you place it on your brow and start filling your brows with a small brush (provided in the kit).

Cover stick in matt caramel

The Essence CoverStick is amazing at highlighting your gorgeous brows and covering any impurities on the face.
Essence cosmetics makeup basics

After my brows, I apply my Essence stay all day 16hrs long lasting foundation in matt caramel.
Lastly I apply the Essence mattyifying compact powder (also in caramel shade); to give me that natural non-shiny look.

I used the matt caramel shade

And there you have it. Simple 3 step makeup tutorial by thuliloves. It wont take up too much of your time in front of the mirror... maximum 10 minutes.

my handbag essentials
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