Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bargain hunter

I'm a sucker for good quality bargain buys and ever since I was introduced to a website called Groupon  I have been an addict ever since.
Fashion, home appliances, getaway destinations to anything and everything you can think of, they've got it all in AFFORDABLE PRICES (cheap cheap cheap)!!!

My winter item saver has got to be this camel coat from Groupon. It set my bank balance back by only R399 and it's got all the great features I always look for before buying a clothing item:

1. Affordability - Can I afford it?
2. Need - Do I need this item?
3. Versatility - Can I wear it over and over again with different items of clothing?
4. Style/Quality - Will it be wearable 3 years down the line?

There is always that doubt with regards to sizing and satisfaction when it comes to online shopping. On the Groupon website I find it quite easily I must say, from their login you get various options like logging in with your Facebook account rather than creating a new account (great for lazy people like myself).

Also everything is stated out for you; no small prints in terms of returns and sizes etc. 

Give it a try I know you will love the "discounted" prices and personal delivery to your door.

Coat _ Groupon |Hat, Jeans & Boots _ Foschini | Black top _ Woolworths | Makeup _ Essence Cosmetics
Twitter: @ToolyLoves
Instagram: thuliloves

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