Friday, 30 September 2016

Jean to Jean

I'm a denim kinda girl. It's my staple. I can't do without a good pair of jeans in my wardrobe. I got this jacket as a birthday gift :)
Jacket _ CottonOn
I've always loved these jackets that are customized and at some point while I was at varsity I was so obsessed with DIY'ing my jacket and I didn't succeed, came out so horrible (don't even know what happened to my unsuccessful attempt). Anyway when I got this jacket - I was in love instantly, I turned it around to try it on and I saw the back, I went stylistically crazy!!! 

One of A Kind
Denim is so awesome it never goes out of style. I want to keep this jacket for years and years because it with denim it's not about the trend.
Jeans _ Zara | Heels _ Foschini (Luella) | Clutch _ Accessories | Scarf _ EarthAddict
Weave installation _ Trendy Hair PE
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