Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Thuli Tech Time

In the world of mobiles/technology... that sounds so so so formal 😃. Anyway forget the intro; I was recently introduced to Afrihost by a colleague of mine because I was complaining of high data costs and because I do not want another contract, I repeat, Not another contract!!!

The annoyance of my beeping phone whenever money gets deducted it just irritates me. So with Afrihost if I no longer require their services I can cancel anytime or if I want to upgrade or downgrade my data package I can do so anytime - Super awesome right?

Anyway that's not what this post is for, I actually want to share some new news to Afrihost (and not talk about my data drama #DataMustFall). Ever heard of Xiaomi?

Well, it's a Chinese company that produces high-quality technology devices and services at affordable prices. 
Founder of Xiaomi
Afrihost now offers Mi Smartphones produced  by Xiaomi, one of the top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the world.

This is how the affordable, top quality smartphone looks like...
Images from Google
Another great perk from Afrihost-mobile #FreeData

Image from Afrihost site

Well... question is will I be tempted to jump ship from iOS to Android? Mhhhhhm we'll see! 
The Mi Smartphone does boast some pretty cool features... check 'em out here

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