Thursday, 24 November 2016


Top _ The Fix | Skirt & Shoes _ Zara

This colour + the off the shoulder trend is just too amazing; Spring/Summer 2016 trends that you won't go wrong with.

My hair is in a bit of a state at the moment, I feel like it's facing 'mid-hair crisis' (just made that up 😅). My hair is not short and it's not long, it's just in-between and I feel like it needs to grow now - I miss doing the high bun with my own hair 😒 - I know I went a tad crazy when I snipped my hair twice which I loved, but now I really miss my hair!

Enough with my hair issues, this outfit is inspired by "The IT item" I recently bought this top (for less than R150) it's super cute, I just love it.

The IT item being an item of clothing that can be taken from day to night or formal to casual in a second. This top resembles that perfectly.

This is my laid back, casual version of the top. Very easy, summery and comfortable look. Funny story about this skirt I got it at a Zara sale the last one in a size 36 and I really loved it, bought it and took it to my moms friend (she's a beast behind the sowing machine) and voila my skirt fits ☺.

Always try and buy items of clothing that won't limit you to one way of wearing it. Fashion is all about having fun, experimenting and most importantly being comfortable in what you're wearing 😘
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